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Research Group Analysis ABC Dynamics - Bifurcations and Control of Dynamics


Papers in journals

Artículos internacionales en revistas de alto factor de impacto (periodo 2008-2010):

  • Corner-Impact Bifurcations: A Novel Class of Discontinuity-Induced Bifurcations in Cam-Follower Systems (2008).
  • Two-parameter Discontinuity induced bifurcation curves in a ZAD-strategy controlled DC-DC Buck converter (2008).
  • A Review of Codimension One Nonsmooth Bifurcations (2008).
  • Continuation of Periodic Orbits in a ZAD-Strategy Controlled Buck Converter (2008).
  • Discontinuity-induced bifurcations of equilibria in piecewise-smooth and impacting dynamical systems (2008).
  • Bounding the Output Error in a Buck Power Converter Using Perturbation Theory (2008).
  • Existence, stability and robustness analysis of limit cycles in hybrid anti-lock braking systems (2009).
  • Analysis and Control of an Anaerobic Bioreactor of Fixed Leachate Upflow (2009).
  • Stabilizing a two-cell dc-dc buck converter by fixed point induced control (2009).
  • Bifurcation analysis on nonsmooth torus destruction scenario of delayed-pwm switched buck converter (2009).
  • Control of an anaerobic digester through normal form of fold bifurcation (2009).
  • Mandelbrot-like bifurcation structures in chaos band scenario of switched converter with delayed-pwm control (2010).

Contributions to Congresses

35 Papers in Proceedings of International Congresses.


3 Book Chapters in Elsevier and Springer-Verlag.

Trasnfer Knowledge

Sustainability Project La Miel, CORPOCALDAS.

Degree Final Works

More than 50.

Degree Thesis

  • More than 30 Master Thesis.
  • 4 Ph.D. Thesis.

Other Production

Organization of 7 International Congresses.

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