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[5] WEAR-TEX: Comparison of Texture Analysis Techniques to Asses Wear Labelling of Textile Floor Coverings (Wilfried Philips, Lieva van Langenhove, Rolando Qui nonez, C'esar Germ'an Castellanos-Dom'inguez), Funding agencies: Ghent University, Universidad Antonio Nari no and Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Manizales, 2010-2011. (We want to improve the texture analysis techniques to reach $100$ percent reliable classification through the development of a general description of the wear labels in the carpets based on intensity and depth images.) [bib]
[4] Remote monitoring service of cardiac activity for clinical screening in the telemedicine network of the Department of Caldas (C'esar Germ'an Castellanos-Dom'inguez, Mauricio Orozco-Alzate, Fernando 'Alvarez-L'opez, Mario Iv'an Ruano-Restrepo, Ana Mar'ia Matijasevic-Arcila), Funding agencies: Universidad de Caldas and Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Manizales, 2009-2011. (This project is aimed to implement a system for recording and analyzing cardiac sounds and electrocardiographic signals from which ---using analysis techniques based on time-frequency representations, dynamic feature extraction and classification methods--- heart murmurs, arrhythmias and ischemia can be detected by analyzing phonocardiographic (PCG) and electrocardiographic (ECG) registers. Moreover, these diagnostic aids will be sent via web (client-server system) together with the medical record of the patient in order to provide a specialized medical consultation through a telemedicine system (telecardiology). In such a way, an appropriate diagnosis and treatment can be carried out, in order to enhance the quality, reliability, efficiency and coverage of the health services in the Department of Caldas.) [bib] [pdf]
[3] Scientific Computing for characterization and identification in dynamic problems (Carlos Daniel Acosta-Medina, Juan Carlos Ria no-Rojas, Sime'on Casanova-Trujillo, Mauricio Orozco-Alzate), Funding agency: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2009-2010. (This project is aimed to make use of several scientific computing tools, in order to develop automatic procedures for characterizing and identifying multivariate dynamic problems.) [bib] [pdf]
[2] Multiple classifier systems for the automatic recognition of seismic events at the Cerro Mach'in-Cerro Bravo volcanic complex (Mauricio Orozco-Alzate, Robert P. W. Duin, John Makario Londo no-Bonilla, Alfonso P'io Agudelo-Salazar), Funding agency: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2008-2009. (The objective of this project is developing a prototype multiple classifier system for recognizing seismic volcanic events in the Colombian volcanic complex known as Cerro Mach'in-Cerro Bravo. It is aimed to make use of the multiple nature (recording stations, recording times) of the collected data and to study the applicability of several classifier combination techniques, fixed ones as well as trained ones.) [bib] [pdf]
[1] High performance computing techniques in the automated interpretation of medical images and biosignals (C'esar Germ'an Castellanos-Dom'inguez, Eduardo Jos'e Villegas-Jaramillo, Julio Fernando Su'arez-Cifuentes), Funding agency: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2007-2009. [bib]
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