Bibtex entry: Variational Shape Model for Lip Postures Recognition Using GA
        author = {Jaramillo-Garz{\'{o}}n, Jorge Alberto and Orozco-Alzate, Mauricio and Castellanos-Dom{\'{\i}}nguez, C{\'{e}}sar Germ{\'{a}}n and Ria{\~{n}}o-Rojas, Juan Carlos},
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  organization = {IEEE Computer Society},
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           url = {},
           doi = {10.1109/CERMA.2006.98},
      abstract = {A system for feature extraction and recognition of lip postures is presented, by constructing a shape model of the inner and outer contours of the lips, whose parameters are controlled by a canonical genetic algorithm. Features of each posture are the model parameters which better fit to the the analyzed image. A Bayesian Classifier is used to classify, under the assumption that there is equiprobability between the classes, obtaining results up to 82,4\% of accurate classification.},
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